TOR025: Takamoto Biogas With Kyle Schutter

kyle inside biogas system-sm

Kyle Schutter is the Founder and Managing Director of Takamoto Biogas.

Trained as an engineer at Brown University, Kyle researched biogas in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana and the USA before in 2011 he founded a company that constructed individual biogas systems for small-scale farmers in rural Kenya. After two years of operations, Kyle invented the Takamoto Pay-As-You-Go Biogas business model and technology to enable more people to access renewable energy without a large up-front capital investment.

Kyle has received the Enjuba Young Entrepreneur Award, Heinberg Social Innovation Award, received “Special Recognition” from the Sankalp Africa Summit 2014 and took second place in the William James Foundation Business Plan Competition. He has lived in Kenya for the last three years and continues to search for innovative solutions to provide sustainable, modern energy for rural communities.

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